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Benjamin Prosser.jpg

Benjamin Prosser, PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Physiology

726 Clinical Research Building

Visit the lab website here

The Prosser Lab - developing new therapies for the heart and brain (Simple, right?). Our lab interrogates the forces of the heart – how a heart cell generates force, and how force itself feeds back to regulate cell function and form. We leverage cellular biophysics and engineering, super-resolution imaging and cardiology to provide transformative insight into how the heart beats, and to inform new therapies for the treatment of heart disease.

The diagnosis of Dr. Prosser's daughter with a rare, genetic neurological disorder also spurred the generation of a new therapeutic arm in the lab for neurological applications. We are developing novel, anti-sense oligonucleotide (ASO) based therapies for the treatment of inherited neurodevelopmental disorders, such as those caused by her mutation in STXBP1.

Prosser ECM.png

Extracellular matrix of heart affected by dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM)

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