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Other CPM Faculty

Charles S. Abrams - Phospholipid signaling in platelet and T-cells

Yair Argon - Functions of molecular chaperones in modulating cell surface receptors and secreted proteins

Lawrence (Skip) Brass - Basic and translational work in the world of hemostasis and thrombosis

Janis K. Burkhardt - Cytoskeletal dynamics and control of T cell motility, T cell activation, and dendritic cell function

Andrew Dancis - Iron metabolism, iron trafficking, mitochondrial function, heme, and Fe-S proteins

Roberto Dominguez - Structural biology of the actin cytoskeleton

Aron B. Fisher - Reactive oxygen species in cell signaling and oxidative stress in the lung

Ekaterina L. Grishchuk - Molecular mechanisms that produce force and accuracy for mitotic chromosome motions, focusing on kinetochore proteins

Wei Guo - Molecular mechanisms of exocytic trafficking, tumor invasion, and immune suppression

David A. Hill - Immunology, cell and molecular biology, genomics, and transcriptional regulation with a focus on allergy and obesity

Erika Holzbaur - Molecular motors and the cytoskeleton, autophagy and mitophagy, the cell biology of the neuron, and neurodegeneration

Jorge Henao-Mejia - Interactions between the immune system and whole body and cellular metabolism in the context of health and obesity

Paul Janmey - Substrate effects on cell biomechanics

Anna Kashina - Protein arginylation, including structure of ATE1 and identification of ATE1 targets

Tejvir Khurana - High altitude medicine

Melike Lakadamyali - Super-resolution microscopy to study vesicle transport along cytoskeletal tracks and the spatial organization of nucleosomes along chromatin

Michael Lampson - Mechanics of cell division, particularly interactions between chromosomes and spindle microtubules and regulation by mitotic kinases

Robert J. Lee - Epithelial cells that line the airways from the nose to the lung, focusing on GPCR regulation of airway physiology and innate immunity

Elizabeth M. Lennon - Protective role of the mast cell in IBD

Zhe Lu - Mechanisms and regulation of ion channel permeation and gating

Francis Luca - Cell division and cellular morphogenesis, focusing on the Mob protein family

Minghong Ma - Interactions of the olfactory system with non-olfactory regions of the brain

Sandra Lynn Maday - Mechanisms and regulation of autophagy in neuronal homeostasis and neurodegeneration

Claire Mitchell - Lysosomal physiology and purinergic/glutaminergic neurotransmitter systems in ocular health

Akhilesh Reddy - Non-transcriptional/post-translational processes in circadian rhythms like redox and metabolic oscillations

Dejian Ren - Regulation of excitability of the brain, in addition to the biology of endosomes and lysosomes

Jeffrey D. Roizen - Vitamin D metabolism and action

Brian M. Salzberg - Optical measurements of membrane voltage in neurons

John Seykora - Mechanisms of keratinocyte growth and differentiation with application to skin cancer and psoriasis

Tatyana Svitkina - Platinum replica electron microscopy for the study of cytoskeleton structure and dynamics

John W. Weisel - Intermolecular and cellular interactions in blood clotting and atherosclerosis using molecular biophysical methods

Gary D. Wu - Mutualistic interactions between the gut microbiota and the host with a particular focus on metabolism

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