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Kenneth Margulies, MD


Department of Medicine

11-101 Smilow

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Research in the Margulies Lab is focused primarily on elucidating insights into the pathophysiology of myocardial disease to advance the diagnosis and treatment of patients with heart failure.  Central themes include load-dependent myocardial remodeling - including mechanosensing and mechanotransduction, regulation of contractility by microtubules and other cytoskeletal elements, disease-associated shifts in cardiac metabolism, characterization of cardiac allograft rejection using computational histopathology and cardiotoxicity associated with anti-angiogenic tyrosine kinase inhibitors. Many of our inquiries are empowered by access to human heart tissue from transplant recipients and organ donors.  We regularly employ techniques of isolated cardiomyocyte physiology, cell and tissue engineering, unbiased discovery methodologies and strategic patient-based translation.

Margulies Adult Cardiomyocytes.tif

Adult cardiomyocytes

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