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Kevin Foskett, PhD


Department of Physiology

700 Clinical Research Building

Visit the lab website here

The Foskett lab has as its research focus the mechanisms and regulation of ion transport and signal transduction, primarily related to Ca2+ signaling . Most recently we have been interested in the molecular physiologies of several ion channels, including the InsP3R Ca2+ release channel, the mitochondrial Ca2+ uniporter MCU ion channel, and CALHM ion channels that we discovered. This work has fueled studies of the molecular mechanisms of genetically-inherited forms of Alzheimer’s disease, cellular bioenergetics with relevance for Alzheimer’s disease and cancer, and the molecular physiology of taste perception. We employ a combination of biophysical approaches, including patch clamp electrophysiology and live cell imaging, molecular biology and biochemical techniques, and the development of novel animal models to link the biophysical properties and regulation of ion channels to their roles in cellular and animal physiology.  

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