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Mark Kahn, MD


Department of Medicine

11-123 Smilow

Visit the lab website here

The Kahn lab investigates signaling pathways that participate in cardiovascular biology and cardiovascular disease.  We study both lymphatic and blood vascular pathways, and the interactions between blood cells and vascular endothelium.  We focus on signaling pathways that contribute to human cardiovascular diseases ranging from common disorders such as venous thrombosis to more specific diseases such as cerebral cavernous malformation.  We apply vertebrate genetic approaches in combination with state-of-the-art biochemical and molecular approaches to understand the function of these pathways during normal development and in post-natal disease models.  

Lymphangion and blood vessels red CE-Cad

Immunofluorescence of a lymphangion, where red: VE-Cadherin and green: Prox GFP. Photo credit: Lauren Raines

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