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Paul Titchenell.jpg

Paul Titchenell, PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Physiology

Smilow 12-104

Visit the lab website here

The Titchenell lab is focused on the regulation of metabolism by hormones and nutrients, with a particular emphasis on the anabolic hormone insulin. Alterations in insulin signaling and action underlie metabolic disease and lead to the development of deadly vascular and neuronal complications. Over the last several years, our main focus has been on understanding the signaling mechanisms by which insulin regulates systemic glucose and lipid metabolism. Through the use of various techniques encompassing molecular biology, biochemistry, metabolomics, transcriptional techniques and whole-animal physiology, we have unraveled several new molecular mechanisms that define how insulin controls liver, adipose, and skeletal muscle metabolism. Therefore, the long-term goals of our research program are to continue to explore and validate these pathways to define their contribution to organismal metabolism. Importantly, through the understanding of the basic mechanisms of hormone and nutrient signaling, we aim to identify the underlying mechanisms driving metabolic deregulation in disease with the goal of identifying new therapies to improve metabolic control.

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