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The CPM Diversity Committee held a virtual microscopy lesson for students at the Philadelphia High School for Girls

December 7, 2020

The CPM Diversity Committee, with support from the American Society for Cell Biology, held a virtual microscopy lesson for the AP Biology students at Philadelphia High School for Girls. Girls High students were each sent 'foldscopes' - paper microscopes with 140X magnifying power and 2 micron lateral resolution - in addition to a prepared slide. The students captured images using the cameras in their phones, and analyzed these images with CPMers. During the virtual event the basics of bright-field and fluorescence microscopy were explained, and the students were given a demonstration of a microscope used in a CPM lab. The event concluded with a discussion of what a PhD is, why CPM volunteers chose to pursue one, and what they hope to do after graduation. 


Afterwards there was a consensus among volunteers that the experience was educational for ourselves - the students came engaged and asked thought provoking questions. We hope the event was useful to the students too. One student wrote in a note: "I am high school senior who started her application process, my major is going to be biology. However, up until today I wasn't sure about it anymore since I don't want to be the 'typical' doctor. All of your presentations broadened my knowledge of the power of a biology degree!"

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